Hi, I'm Kristy.

I've lived in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago since birth and like fellow islanders, I have embraced the happy, hakuna matata lifestyle that is characteristic of the people here. Perhaps it is because the sun is always shining, the beach is just a short drive away from home and the people are warm and hospitable. I love the various exotic, flavorful food that originated here from past European, African, Indian and Amerindian influences. Like most islanders, I am a huge believer of superstitions, having grown up among folklore and spirit stories.


Who am I?

I was born in Trinidad and lived here my entire life! I am a watercolour and acrylic artist and I enjoy painting local scenery and seascapes as much as I enjoy writing about them. I am a nature-loving person and I love exploring my country on hikes and long drives. I also enjoy gardening, yoga and meditation.

Why the blog?

I believe in continuous self-growth and I am always trying to re-discover myself. This blog is an opportunity for me to improve my skills and learn new ones. I have always enjoyed writing and art. To me, writing is a type of self-expression and art!